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FloraMaxx CEO Shares Tissue Culture Technology Insights at the Fourth Annual Biology Graduate Sympos

Fourth Annual Biology Graduate Symposium,

University of British Columbia, Kelowna, BC, Canada

September 13, 2018

Hosted by the University of British Columbia Okanagan's (UBCO) Department of Biology, the Biology Graduate Symposium offered an opportunity for students pursuing their Masters and Doctorate degrees a chance to display and discuss their research. Over 75 students attended the symposium, and a total of 46 posters were presented in the areas of environmental and life sciences. Posters were evaluated by biology faculty members and prizes were awarded. FloraMaxx sponsored the second prize and Dr. Ashish Dave, President and CEO, was invited as a guest speaker.

Dr Ashish Dave, CEO, FloraMaxx addresses the audience at UBC, Kelowna, BC

The talk revolved around plant tissue culture and Dr. Dave's journey from academia to industry. The technique of plant tissue culture is over 100 years old, and continues to be used and developed as a technology in both research and commercial fields. At FloraMaxx, we use this technology to produce high-quality, genetically identical starter plants used in the horticulture, agriculture, and nursery industries. It was through his doctorate that Dr. Dave learned and honed his plant tissue culture skills, which enabled him to start up FloraMaxx.

Many students strive to find jobs in academia after graduating, however it can be difficult with the lack of positions available, and the competition for them tough. Techniques and skills learned while in school, whether undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate studies, all have the potential to be transferred into industry. In his talk, Dr. Dave encouraged the students to explore the career opportunities that industry can offer.

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