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Mustang: Prunus x 'Jefchum'

Mustang’ is a complex Prunus hybrid with demonstrated potential for wide use as a clonal understock. It has proven effective for budding various Prunus cultivars (both fruiting and ornamental types) throughout North America. It is bud compatible with P. armeniaca (Apricot), P. salicina (Japanese Plum), P. Americana (American Plum), P. persica (Peach) and possibly other related stocks including Thundercloud.

Other charecteristics: 

  • cold hardiness for production in zones 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6

  • minimal basal and understock suckering

  • fibrous root system providing strong anchorage, which are qualities that have been improved compared to the standard rootstocks P.americana and P.besseyi.

Certified Virus indexed (Ships to USA: Yes)

 Gisela-6 (Gisela®6 USPP 8954): P. cerasus x P. canescens 

  • A heavy bearing workhorse, producing a tree that is 65% the size of Mazzard in the East and 90 to 95% the size of Mazzard in the West. 

  • Good bacterial canker resistance and very good virus tolerance. 

  • GI®6 requires support for its heavy crop loads and is adaptable to all soil types. 

       Certified Virus indexed (Ships to USA: Yes)

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