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Our Technology and R&D

Our research team works in close collaboration with universities, public and private sector organizations, leading wholesale plant nurseries and plant breeders on their new and improved varietals for commercial productions.

Our R&D program aims to develop commercial micropropagation protocols for 'recalcitrant' plant species, new plant selections, breeder's plant stocks. We adopt industry's latest technologies, methods and processes to achieve this goal. We are actively involved in research & development activities for continuous improvement of our production technologies and starter plant quality, which ensures long-term sustainability in a highly competitive market.


























We give our first priority to nature and the environment when making decisions in all aspects of plant production. We strive to use ecologically sensitive processes, such as the use of organic plant substrates and bio-fertilizers, recycling of nutrients, use of low-emission, energy efficient processes, and state of-the-art 'Closed Production Systems'. By taking these measures, we make every effort to minimize our carbon footprint.

In addition we focus on continuous improvement of the quality of starter plants grown under greenhouse conditions and development of new plant growth substrates and potting mixes to improve plant vigor and health.