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Klondike Tree Rush

​Amur cherry (Prunus sp.), also known as Amur chokecherry and Manchurian cherry, is native to Korea, northwestern China, and southeastern Russia. Several different varieties have found their way into the North American market, most notably Klondike (Prunus maackii “Jefdike”), bred by Jeffries Nursery in Manitoba, Canada. While most other Amur cherries are hardy to Zone 3, Klondike can withstand and thrive in Zone 2. It is less prone to frost cracking and has improved stem strength and stronger, non-brittle branching.

​​Klondike grows vigorously, up to 8m tall with a spread of 5m. It is immune to black knot and prefers full sun and textured, well-drained soil. It has a low canopy, typically clearing 1m, and provides four seasons of landscape ornamentation. In spring, Klondike produces fragrant white flowers that develop into dark open clusters of bird-attracting chokecherries in summer, which stand out against a backdrop of brilliant green foliage. The leaves turn a bright yellow come fall, and as the trees drop them, their bare branches take center stage. The exfoliating bark is coppery in colour, giving rise to its varietal name, “Klondike.” So even in the dead of winter with 2 feet of snow, these trees retain their beauty.

If you are interested in growing this beautiful, hardy Amur cherry, please contact FloraMaxx at or give us a call at 1-778-754-6299. We propagate Klondike using tissue culture techniques and are available, dormant or actively growing in 2.5”x2.5”x3.5” pots (32 plug tray).

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