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2019 Pacific Agriculture Show, Abbotsford, BC Canada

The “Pacific Agriculture Show” takes place in "Abbotsford, British Columbia Canada" every year. Over the course of three days, businesses and associations engage visitors at their booths, promoting their products and services.

The “British Columbia Haskap Association” participated for the second year (January 24-26, 2019), after having a successful first show in 2018 (see our blog post). Attended by both BC haskap association members and Board members, including Floramaxx’s CEO Dr. Ashish Dave, the booth displayed a wide arrangement of products one can make from these amazing berries.

In addition to compotes, chocolates, wines and liqueurs at last year’s table, there was cheesecake, yogurt, gummy, dried berry powder and the very popular frozen berries. The visitors were happy to be able to taste the unprocessed fruit and impressed by the variety of goods that haskap can be made into. Another addition to the booth this year were the tissue cultured haskap plants themselves, available for purchase on the spot.

Haskap varieties propagated through tissue culture by FloraMaxx, were presented to the customers. These plants were one season old and dormant, with it being the end of January. However, after three days in a warm, bright environment, at the trade show venue a few of them started to undergo bud break! It seems as if they are eager for spring, just as we are.

If you are curious to know more about haskap, our website has a wealth of information in its blogs and product descriptions. We have recently developed a 'Haskap brochure' and would be happy to email you the online version. They were a great success at the trade show, providing an introduction to the plants and what can be done with the fruit. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call, or if you are in the Okanagan Valley, come on over for a visit!

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