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We often get inquiries from the growers on which is the best time of the year to plant haskap in the field. There are two preferred options: actively growing plants in spring (early May to end of June), and dormant plants in fall (early September until six weeks before...

During our busy growing season, we conducted an online survey to learn what people know about haskap, a relatively new “super fruit,” so that we can use the information to help grow the industry. The majority of those surveyed reside in British Columbia (BC), Canada, a...

In the previous blog, the University of Saskatchewan’s haskap varieties and their parental lineages were introduced and discussed. Prior to selecting the appropriate haskap varieties for your location, it’s important to know the basics of haskap pollination so you can...

FloraMaxx interview on CBC Radio One, Kelowna, BC, Canada on February 2, 2018


Chris: 7.47 Pacific time you are listening to CBC radio one. A West Kelowna company wants to take the guess work out of growing haskap berries commercially. Haskaps are native to Japan and Ru...

FloraMaxx had the opportunity this year to participate in the Pacific Agriculture Show held in Abbotsford, British Columbia. This show has been running for two decades and is attended by thousands of farmers, growers, producers and manufacturers. Over 250 businesses a...

FloraMaxx completes a research project on field evaluations of University of Saskatchewan advanced haskap selection in BC.

Click here to download full report.

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