Plant tissue culture micropropagation is in vitro rapid clonal propagation of plants of commercial value in a very short period of time under controlled chemical and environmental conditions.

The technology involves establishment of tissue cultures (Stage1), cultures multiplication (Stage 2), in vitro rooting (Stage 3) and Greenhouse acclimatization and hardening of plants (Stage 4).

Plant Tissue Culture Plant Tissue Culture


A starter plant or plug is a small sized rooted plant in an individual cell that can be transplanted into a larger pot/container or directly into the field.

Starter plants are compact and take up less shipping volume than finished containers, therefore consuming fewer fossil fuels per plant during transportation. Plugs also consume fewer resources to produce and bring to market than finished container, as they spend less time growing in the nursery and are easier to move around because of their compact size, thus producing a smaller environmental footprint than their larger counterparts.

Our well-rooted starter plants are produced in our state-of-the-art environmentally controlled 'Closed Production Systems'.


Free from pests & diseases

Genetically uniform that is true to type and authentic

Physiologically and morphologically superior

Vigorous root and shoot systems with uniform growth

Higher survival rates upon transplanting

Better field performances

Easily customizable into desired plug size trays

Year round production

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